Communication is much more than words. A simple statement that most people would agree with, but few people really stop and think about what that means. Through acting and voice over classes and workshops, I have learned that communication is more than just words on a page, but it was only recently that I was given a practical lesson on communication.

When we had to put down our Border Collie of 11 years, Lou, it didn’t take us long to realize that our house didn’t feel complete without a dog. We contacted all the Border Collie breeders in New England looking for a puppy to replace Lou, but no one had any available. Finally one breeder offered to sell us a dog that had been returned to her after living with another family for almost a year. We were so excited at the prospect of having a dog that we really didn’t think much about her past life; at least not until we got her home. After a few growls and nips on our hands and other body parts, we concluded that she had spent little time with humans and wasn’t able to connect with us. Over time, and with the help of a very good dog trainer, she has become a part of our family. Not only has Lola learned to trust us, she has learned to communicate with us. She has quite a few words in her vocabulary, but more than anything she has learned how to understand us through our inflections and the tone of our voices.

In the same way that I use my voice to make connections with Lola, I am able to effectively communicate copy to my clients’ intended listeners and create a connection with that audience. I have the warm, friendly voice of a mom, wife, professional, teacher and friend. When the copy calls for it, I also have a Texas or a Southern Belle accent. I hope that you will consider me for your next voice over project.